Formula in progress

The most functional piece of furniture that I own is a small drop-leaf secretary desk. It has a space for a laptop, two pencil drawers, a file cabinet, and other spaces perfect for storing greeting cards, school supplies, and all kinds of chotkies.

The problem is that every last puka is stuffed full of crap. (Note the trash on the floor, bags of bag-lady stuff…omg…)

At the beginning of COVID, I thought…this would be a good time to sort through the top area of the desk. I’m finally decluttering it, in a slow, methodical, hoarder-curing manner.

While I’m at it, I’m using this entry to start a particular list, of which I will flesh out later in an Excel spreadsheet. 😋

  • dapper suit
  • fur coat *
  • wealth (or at least a certain level of wealth) *
  • really old, explorable house
  • ostentatious hotel
  • bell boy
  • elevator operator
  • wedding
  • dancing
  • love and jealousy
  • hospitality (example: someone being served food on a tray w/flower, etc.)
  • telephone booth or old telephone, usually involves a telephone operator
  • brainy and sexy older woman
  • abused dog
  • featured sport(s) or outdoor activity
  • at least one bonafide athlete
  • echo in some sort of chamber (example: bathroom, culvert pipe)
  • autumn, on the edges of winter, cold, overcast
  • athletic club or spa
  • creativity: painting
  • creativity: literature
  • creativity: poetry
  • creativity: theatrical performance
  • creativity: musical performance
  • creativity: building, remodeling, hand tools
  • interesting/off-kilter paintings
  • interesting collections
  • “snaps” — as in the word “apple snaps” or snapping fingers when an idea pops up
  • lawyer(s)
  • stage
  • dynamite / explosives
  • television
  • stationery / mail
  • use of index cards
  • a hole
  • smoking
  • gambling
  • drugs
  • lies (large or little white)
  • a religious element
  • car / vehicle accident
  • “Or anyway…”
  • “What’s that supposed to mean?”
  • “How’s that supposed to make me feel?”
  • police
  • uniformed people (ex. police, nurse, scouts)
  • tent
  • white undies
  • someone gets arrested or is in a situation because of a court order or some sort of government oppression
  • addiction (could the seven deadly sins be a part of this?)
  • deformation or malady/illness
  • someone gets, or has been, stabbed
  • someone gets, or has had, a limb cut off
  • someone of significance is already deceased
  • someone is an orphan or missing a parent(s)
  • someone is, or has been, or is getting divorced
  • ham radio
  • books
  • non- to early-80’s tech
  • secretary, usually with a typewriter

* possibly–need to explore this

Seven deadly sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth
Seven heavenly virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility

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